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Every business and its owners are at some stage of a life cycle and so have different needs. Let us help identify where you are at and the services we can provide to assist with moving you and your business on to the next stage of the cycle.


The Dream

The seed has been planted to purchase a business or finally go ahead with a new business idea. What does it all mean and what are the implications ? Preparing a Business Plan and other financial projections.


"Press Go"

The decision to “press go” with a business venture or purchase has been taken. What are the first and following steps?



Generally the first months of a business are the most critical as statistics show most business failures occur in this period. Are the systems in place to constantly monitor current and projected KPI’ in particular those relating to sales projections and working capital requirements.


Growth and Improvement

The longest stage of the life cycle where the focus is on building and sustaining shareholder wealth through investment and change. It’s management, receiving the information and advice it requires to make the best decisions and are adequate corporate governance controls in place?


Old Age

The owners are looking to exit the business in the short terms and are looking to prepare the business for sale. How would the business be valued by potential buyers and what can be implemented to maximize such value.



The sale process and the wind up of the company. What financial information do potential purchases require and what is required to be negotiated into the Sale & Purchase agreed to ensure the best tax outcome?

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accurate and timely

– you emailed us with this on 2nd June Phil Vyver (GM Auckland Bowls)

takes a personal and professional interest

– emailed 27th May Charles Wilson

high level of communication

– emailed 26th May Frazer Kerr

easy to deal with and always available

– emailed 2nd June Phil Vyver

sound professional advice

– emailed 26th May Frazer Kerr

straight forward advice

– emailed 25th May Ian Steel

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